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Cockroaches Control
Cockroaches, which hide in small cracks or crevices during the daytime, can reach lengths of 18 to 60 mm depending on species. They feed omnivorously on various organic substances, including tissue, leather and paper

Rodent Control
The key to any rat control program is Pest Identification, Sanitation, Harborage Elimination & Rat Proofing the Building.

Roof rats reach sexual maturity in 2-5 months pregnancy lasts an everage of 22 days.
Fly & Mosquito Control
Flies feed on various organic substances including excrement, and sweet and other foods.

Depending on the species mosquitos can grow to 4 to 6 mm long. Only the females bite and suck blood.
Anti Termite Control
Termites rarely expose themselves to light. They Cause more damage to homes in U.S. than storms and fire combined. Termite Colonies can contain up to 1,000,000 members.

Most eggs are laid by supplementary reproductives.
Pigeons control
Pigeons are truly very innocent creatures, just as any other bird of their kind, and hence, it feels quite wrong to call them “pests” as such. However, one cannot deny the problems that arise with the existence of pigeons in a building where we live or work.
Snake control
Snakes quite dangerous, whatever their size, type or variety, are all feared for a good reason. First of all, since we laymen have very little knowledge of what kind of snakes are venomous and which of them are not, we consider them all to be potentially dangerous.
Honey bee control
A honeybee hive is one of the most common, yet one of the most difficult pest troubles to deal with, since it is generally enormous in size, and causes a lot of strife to anyone who tries to remove it singlehandedly. It causes damage to property as well as people.
This method of controlling mosquitoes, flies and other such pests is temporary but is indeed necessary in many instances, including health threats from severe bug populations and to prepare for an outdoor activity where these pests are unwanted.
WHY WE NEED PEST MANAGEMENT Any Pest in your premises lead to contamination, diseases, dirt and damage. Most of all no body likes to see insects or pests running around. It turns people off. It is said that if you follow a fly for a day you wouldn’t eat for a week.

Insects, rodents and birds contaminate food, equipment and working surfaces with excreta, hair and body parts, These insects and pests carry bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. Which may be passed on to you through your food and drinks. This could also lead to Severe Allergic reactions. Rats and Mice have been the cause of serous fires and destruction of property by gnawing at electrical wires and causing short circuits. Destruction of finished goods in inventory, Packing material, etc are few of the things that rats and mice damage causing heavy financial losses.

Insects infestation could cause rejection, recall and or return of consignments, which would not only lead to monetary losses but could also lead to cancellation of contracts.

Bird droppings are considered as a major source of Contamination, as they are cess pool of insect infestation, viral, fungal and bacterial diseases, Droppings also cause destruction of property and equipment as these dropping have a corrosive effect on many materials. It is estimated that bird hits cause the airline industry an estimated USD 2.0 Billion in losses every year.

it is important to carry out Effective pest Management for the sake of Healthier Living and also your Reputation and Business are at stake.
General Insect pest control General Insect Pest Control Services offered by PMS cover the regular insects found in a premises such as the Cockroach, Ants, Silverfish and Firebats.

Approved broad spectrum insecticides are used to control these pests in premises such as Homes, Offices, Factories, Restaurants, Hotels, Mills, Food & Beverage Processing Facilities, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Path Labs etc.,

The New Generation Insecticides used by us are Eco Friendly and near Odorless, thereby do not persist for long in the environment they are used. This makes them safe to use.

Specifically available for Cockroach control today are Gels. These gels are odorless and do not require the removal of any articles to facilitate that services as for sprays.

The gels are dispensed though a special applicator and gels spots are placed strategically throughout the premises.
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