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Fogging control
Fogging control
This method of controlling mosquitoes, flies and other such pests is temporary but is indeed necessary in many instances, including health threats from severe bug populations and to prepare for an outdoor activity where these pests are unwanted. Cold Foggers - These types of fogging units do not require insecticides to burn in order to create a mist or fog. This type of fog is considered cleaner and can be used indoors and outdoors to kill unwanted flying or biting pests. B&G Electric Foggers are the choice of professionals who frequently fog homes, restaurants, warehouses, patios and other selected outdoor areas.

There are different products which can be dispensed as a cold fog. The most popular insecticides to use are Exciter (Pyrethrin Concentrate), Malathion and Permethrin. Exciter is a concentrated form of natural pyrethrins (quick knock-down, no residual.) Ready to Use Pyrethrins and Pyrethrin Concentrate are the most popular insecticides used in the control of mosquitoes and other pests ( indoors and outdoors) in cold foggers.