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Anti Termite Control
Anti Termite Control

Four "castes" of a termite colony:
Worker: approximately one-forth of an inch long, light colored, wingless;
Soldier: elongated head with mandibles;
Supplementary Reproductives: wingless or very short, non-functional wings; light colored;
Primary Reproductives: winged, and darker than other members; caste most often seen by homeowners.

Termites cause damage to all kind of woodwork, furniture, furnishings, clothing, stationary, rubber, plastic and even the lead coating of underground cables. Termites are medium sized soft bodied, Social insects living in large colonies. they travel through a network of galleries up of mud avoid light. Termites damage valuable human belongings, like wood. Building material , stored grains, transmission poles, trees, paper book, railway sleepers, ships etc.

The moment of termites show a particular pattern the termites do not reside in the building or wooden structure. They return to their nest in the ground after procuring, the food.The principal of termite control is based therfore placing a chemical barrier between the food and the nest. There are two types of termite treatment
  • Pre-Construction
  • Post-Construction
Subterranean termites are the most destructive and frequently encountered kind of termite found throughout India. Although they nest in soil, subterranean termites can attack structures by building tubes that connect their nest to wood in structures. Termite food consists of cellulose obtained from wood.

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment
  • The first step for pre-construction termite treatment is to treat the slab by treating with a termiticide barrier
  • Sides & bottom surface of the foundation trenches or column pits are treated with chemical emulsion. The plinth area is treated. Small holes are made at regular intervals in each wall and filled with chemical emulsion and closed finally
  • The earth around the external perimeter of the building is treated so as to prevent the reinfection of termites from outside
Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment
  • Revolutionary DRILL-FILL-SEAL Anti Termite Treatment with 5 years guarantee
  • Wall and Floor Treatment : Holes of 12mm diameter, 10-12 inches apart will be drilled along the inner junction at depth of 12''on the ground and 4" on the upper floors. Termiticide will be injected under pressure to create barrier against termites
  • Wooden Fixtures Treatment : Holes of 6mm diameter will be drilled at the base of wooden-fixtures such as window frames and doorframes and termiticide will be injected. This treatment is done on all floors. An oil-based termiticide will be sprayed on all the electrical points infested by the termites
  • Termite Tubes Treatment : Visible shelter mud tubes are first sprayed and control the termites
  • External Perimeter Treatment : Trenching or drilling holes of 12mm diameter along the external walls of the building at depth of 1ft. will be carried out to create a chemical barrier/killing field around the building. All the drilled holes will be sealed. If building is surrounded by garden, the treatment shall be carried out to soil also.

Live in colonies underground, from which they build tunnels in search of food; able to reach food above the level of the ground by building mud tubes; dependent on moisture for survival. Their main diet consists of Wood and other cellulose material.


Different rates of growth from egg stage to adult depend on individual species; one queen per colony, which can lay tens of thousands of eggs in her lifetime, but most eggs are laid by supplementary reproductives in an established colony.

Additional Information:

Termites rarely expose themselves to light. They Cause more damage to homes in U.S. than storms and fire combined. Termite Colonies can contain up to 1,000,000 members. Termites will sometimes eat away the wooden structures in a house leaving the paint work intact.