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Bird Control
Bird Control
Birds and their droppings foul up and spoil the look of buildings; these droppings are corrosive and cause more serious structural damage. Birds are associated with many human diseases and create harborage areas for secondary infestations of pests such as ticks, mites, fleas, etc., Birds can cause serious contamination issues either through direct damage or indirectly, through their droppings and shedding of their feathers, etc.

Control Measures:

Spray & Gel TretmentsProofing measures - SpikesSound Mechanism
Spray & Gel Tretments Proofing measures - Spikes Sound Mechanism

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are truly very innocent creatures, just as any other bird of their kind, and hence, it feels quite wrong to call them “pests” as such. However, one cannot deny the problems that arise with the existence of pigeons in a building where we live or work. As with all birds, pigeons too, require shelter from the harshness of the weather, and since we are the ones who have destroyed their natural habitat, namely trees, to create our own, it would not be entirely wrong to submit completely to the consequences of such an act, for they do have the right to be wherever they want to be. The world belongs to them too, you know, just like it belongs to us, as well as every other organism and object. Killing them for simply being present somewhere isn’t right at all.

However, if we can find a way of shooing away the pigeons without harming or hurting them in any manner, it would make it an ideal situation for both sets of species, human and pigeon. And in order to have this, we need to take help from the best of professionals, so they can provide you with various simple, yet non-destructive measures. Only one company can guarantee this, and that is Pestcone. Pestcone is a pest control service provider, well known at a global level for revolutionary ideas against pests of all sorts. Our new program known as Pigeono, is a revolutionary method of keeping pigeons away from construction of any kind. We will come, we will help and we will go back, as soon as our job is done. We believe in complete customer satisfaction, and that is precisely what we prove to you.