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House Dust Mite
House Dust Mite
These minute insects have eight legs when adult, and so are classed as arachnids. The house mite (Glycyphagusdomesticus) grows to a length of about 0.5 mm. It only reproduces in large quantities in warm rooms with high humidity, in which mould fungi are also present. The house dust mite (mainly Dermatophagoidespteronyssinus) is quite common in house dust. It is only 0.3 mm long and whitish in colour. These mites feed on skin scales which have been "pre-digested" by mould fungi, and on other organic materials. Their excrement, the remains of their bodies and the fungi they live in symbiosis with can cause asthma and other allergic reactions, including "house dust mite allergy".

Preventive measures and control

   •   Change bedding often
   •   Regular vacuum-clean and air beds and mattresses
   •   Air bedroom and children's rooms often and decrease the humidity
   •   Use Insecticides against house dust mites